A Cheese Plate

When finishing breakfast our minds always turns to “what will we be having for dinner?” … and, although this can only be a fantasy, cheese does come into play as an option … (okay we have eaten cheese for dinner but don’t tell mum!) Cheese does play a big part in our day and we know we can help you out, so…. 

Let’s talk fromage

It’s always hard to choose the perfect cheeses when you're faced with an array of quality products from Australia and abroad. Time of day and the serving time of these cheeses (before, after or during a meal), will help you decide on how many and what types of cheeses you will purchase (keep in mind that you will need about 120g of cheese per person).

Keeping the masses happy….

Fromage d’Affoinis has to be the biggest crowd pleaser of all bries. Creamy, gooey and never offends this french beauty goes down well with a crusty baguette. Best served at the beginning of the night when the wine is young and fresh.

Grana Padano, although typically we think of grating this beautiful cheese over our pasta it’s fruity and young qualities lend beautifully as a table cheese. Serve already broken into nice bite size pieces so your guests don’t have to cut it and everyone will be happy. Enjoy right before eating the tangy and spicy morsel of a greek bell pepper.

Tarago Shadows of Blue may send a few shivers down some spines, we promise your guests will be quickly awakened to its glorious triple cream brie and just be delighted by the mild blue vein running through. 

Raise a few eyebrows and do some serious impressing…

Coulommiers – one we promote a lot on our instagram and to our customers and obviously one of our favourites of the bries. Because of its buttery, nutty flavour it is very enjoyable at the start of the meal with a french cider or served at the end of your meal, included on top of a piece of thinly sliced pear or apple. At the moment in store we sell Coulommiers with or without truffle layered in the middle.

Cantal is a cloth bound firm cheddar and with time its buttery and tangy taste grows. As this is a hard cheese we recommend cutting this into small pieces so your guests can pick up immediately along side a cornichion. 

Roquefort cheese is moist and breaks into little pieces easily. Beginning creamy, its blue vein provides a rich, sharp, tangy, salty flavour. If you find yourself with any leftover we recommend including it in salads or dressings.

Now we have got your minds securely planted on that grassy knoll on your red and white picnic blanket we shall leave you there to contemplate your next move….

And when you return don’t forget to go on to our Instagram @laikondeli and tell us what your favourite finds are from our cheese section.



The Perfect Picnic

Summer brings us to a time where we can dust off our picnic rugs, find the mozzie repellent, pull out our favourite cheese boards and set up in our own backyards or our perfect park picnic spot.

Whether you're catering for 20 or 2 we have some suggestions that can take the stress out of getting picnic ready.

Over the next few blog posts we will look into what you can do to create the best picture perfect picnic hamper (and don’t forget to tag us #laikondeli when you do!!!).

Let’s begin at …


No matter the number of people, your best rule of thumb when working out how much you need is to just remember 2 slices of meat per person. How many different types of meat is up to you.

We love heat and you will find 4 types of spicy meat to light your fire in our deli fridge. Some filled with fennel and chilli, others with truffle and others aged long enough to really kick start those taste buds. Keep in mind that the spicier the meat the milder the cheese, so not to overwhelm those tastebuds. Buy this whole in small cacciatorie sizes or thinly sliced from the well endoued homemade salamis . 

Going milder you cannot go past the homemade mild Callabrasi or our team favourite the Saucisson. A mild spiced french sausage you buy whole and slice into thick pieces right at your picnic and matches perfectly with the french blues like the Roquefort. 

Or you can go Jon’s home school favourite thinly sliced Mortadella filled with either olives or pepper, matched with an aged cheddar or the greek kasseri cheese.

And of course you cannot forget or go past thinly sliced double smoked ham or better yet thick chunks of ham off the bone, again matched with one of the aged cheddars or dutch goats cheese you will be fighting your guests for more.

Don’t forget to go on to our instagram @laikondeli and tell us what your favourite finds are from our chacuterie cabinet.


Till our next post…..



Celebrating Our 40th Year

You could say we were a ‘little’ excited when the new year clocked over to 2016! This year we have been proud to celebrate 40 years and 3 generations working in and serving the local 3121 community with European and Australian produce.

Plans went into place early on to help us decide how to best to celebrate, (whilst acknowledging and thanking Jon’s parents for) 40 years in the business, with family, some loyal customers and our dedicated Laikon Team.

How best to do this? What would showcase Laikon and what we love? Well, you just can’t go past cheese (& wine). Simple. However, it could not be just any sit down, stuffed shirt dinner affair (as much as we love our bowties!!!). Luckily for us we knew the perfect person to assist us in pulling off an extravagant, delightful, entertaining and engaging night.

Enter Raph from A Cheese and Wine Affair. Raph devised a four course degustation, pairing four cheeses, located from four different regions of France, with impeccably matched wines from the same regions.

All that was left for us to decide upon was, what we were going to say, and where. 

We are all about shopping local, we talk local, we know locals, we are locals, so it seemed a little more than obvious that we should find a venue that was, local.

The perfect spot was over at Glasshaus Inside; a warehouse space, abundantly filled, floor to roof, with leafy green flora, lit by wonderfully bulbous incandescent lights, an utterly luscious backdrop to our event. 

On the night, with our speeches and acknowledgments presented, Raph standing with cow bell in hand, set us forth on a journey.

Beginning in Normandie, we compared the pungent taste of camembert and delighted as the flavour developed, richly, when the Apple Cider Brut was introduced. 

Moving down towards Loire Valley we were served a delightful and delicate Picandou – Chèvre. As the knife discovered the perfect ooze we savoured the wonderful match with it’s night partner the Sancerre, (our new favourite wine!). 

Across the lands we found ourselves tasting the the delights of Jura and Rhone Valley. A 15 month aged Comte (one we adore melting on our sandwiches in store) made a wonderful match with a GSM of the Cotes du Rhone. One we enjoyed immensely even for the french version of aussie sliced cheese (couldn’t imagine pairing wine with the Coon/Bega slice of our younger years). 

Lastly, the event closed with a cheese, I am sure, many were challenged to attempt, the Languedoc Roussillon Roquefort – Raph was patient and with the help of the Maury Granche Fortified Wine (also from Roussillon), assisted those tentative souls, with a little bit of ‘dutch’ courage.

In between cheese courses, we delighted in hearing tables meet, discover and discuss their favourite cheese pairings as well as discussing shared local interests and connecting with others from the area. Never has the hashtag #shoplocal been more relevant, shopping local connects and sustains communities as well as the businesses within them and we are nothing without these people.

Spending a delightful night with our loyal staff and customers reminded us what a special place Laikon Deli is and we could’t be more proud of the previous generations providing us with such a wonderful business to develop upon. We hope to see 40 more years in Richmond, which bring as much joy and beauty as our celebration embodied that night.






This is our 40th year serving the Richmond community. Three generations in and we couldn’t have achieved this without the support of our local community. Richmond has seen a wide variety of changes over these 40 years and with that it only makes us acknowledge how lucky we are to still have such loyal support from the families of 40 years ago and the new allegiance of Richmonites beginning their lives here. 

We began with Jon’s late grandfather (and namesake) John who opened his business as a butcher and deli. Serving the local greek and english speaking community who had settled into the Richmond area they themselves lived in. Family was key back then with family working hard to supply the locals with quality meat and deli produce. When John decided to move along Jon’s parents Michael and Kathy bought themselves into the business moving away from the butcher aspect and focusing more on the European produce. Their eldest children Peter and Lana helped out in the family business throughout their parents years at the shop whenever they could. In the early years, Jon could be found behind a child gate gaining attention from waiting customers insiting they pass him his dummy if it was just out of his reach. Finally today we continue keeping this business in the family, with Jon (getting out from behind the barriers of that gate and) taking the reins. We strive to find new and interesting ways to meet the growing and ever changing expectations and needs of our local community, while still focusing on supplying quality European and Australian produce. Who knows in the next 20 years you may find our nieces or daughters serving you behind the counter with their own original flare! 

Our family is forever grateful for the local communities continued support over the past 40 years and we look forward to building our relationship with our customers, the cornerstone of our family business.


Breakfast … the most important meal of the day!

vanilla porridge


Autumn is here heralding a change to our breakfast menu…

Breakfast really is our most enjoyable meal of the day and on a Sunday we probably spend the most amount of time thinking about what we will be serving up to our family. 

The change in our menu showcases some of the meals we love to huddle around and enjoy together. Below we have listed just some of what we have on offer. Please come in store to see our full breakfast offerings. 



First up we’ve brought a family favourite to the table … Porridge (and Yia Yia’s baklava filling). Nothing nourishes the soul more and brings smiles to the faces to our wee bears than this meal and we couldn't resist bringing it to your table with a few minor tweaks and fanciness thrown in. 


If porridge isn’t what this unusually mild autumn calls for then this customer favourite has stayed on our menu. Warm and filling, with dash of heat and creaminess thrown in!


Sometimes breakfast just calls for something quick and compact and nothing can be gobbled up quicker than our buns! Packed full of gooey goodness and fresh produce we couldn’t be prouder of this little beauty!


This staff favourite always leaves us wishing it was served in front of ourselves. Nothing is better than getting your teeth into a thick piece of carved ham and oozy cheese.


And of course if you are a “choose your own adventure” type, then our pick and choose option with eggs will always keep you satisfied and smiling. 


We're certain our new breakfast menu will satisfy, whichever choice you choose, we hope you enjoy the new selections on offer this Autumn.


Laikon’s Christmas Planning Tips!

Christmas is one of our favourite times of the year at Laikon. We have panettone’s piled high, and Christmas specialties such as hams and turkeys prepared and ready to go. We are always excited to fulfill Christmas foodie wishlists, and this year we’ve put together a post with some ideas to help make your day run smoothly.

  • Fennel and Parmegianno Reggiano make for a mouth-watering combination but a few strips of Tasmanian smoked salmon can take this appetiser up a notch. We have a selection of crisp bread and cracker that can be piled high with smoked salmon, finely chopped fennel, and a mixture of crème fraiche and lemon zest. Serve with a dash of cracked black pepper.
  • An antipasto platter or meze plate is always a crowd-pleaser. Amp up the flavours and textures when choosing the platter’s elements. We suggest a mix of different types of olives, such as Kalamata or green Sicilian, our own terrine and duck liver pâté, slices of San Daniele Prosciutto or Spanish Jamon wrapped around slices of melon, and mix it up with some classic cheeses such as buffalo mozzarella, Cravero Parmesan and Cantal French cheddar. Add a little crunch and a burst of flavour with pickles and capers too.
  • Roast turkey or glazed ham often is the Christmas feast hero. We have both available up until Christmas. For a special glaze for your ham, we love Maggie Bear’s pickled fig glaze. If turkey is on the cards this year, we recommend the following stuffing and preparation; two onion halves, lemon quarters, and a handful of thyme and bay leaves into the cavity of the turkey. Place it on a bed of herbs; coat it with a mixture of butter, salt, cracked pepper, and thyme; and with a splash of white wine over it to finish it off before you roast. Both hams and turkeys may be ordered right up until Christmas too!
  • For dessert, dish out a traditional panettone or impress your guests with a special rendition – Laikon’s deceivingly easy apricot panettone recipe.

We’re open until 1 pm on the 24th of December, Christmas eve, it’s never too late to pop into the deli to pick up last-minute unglazed hams, Italian panettone, and a selection of our best-selling cheeses and cured meats.


Introducing #laikoncreations

The best part of our job is getting to guide our customers on how to create tasty, honest meals out of our gourmet selection of deli goods. We love recommending the best ingredients to suit your taste preferences, budget and cooking style.

This month, we’ve launched #laikoncreations. This is our way of opening up the conversation with you on Instagram, to see how you like to use our goodies in your everyday cooking. Maybe you can teach us a thing or two!

What can you dream up from some of the best deli goods and pantry essentials from around the globe? Take a photo of your creation and share it with us tagging @laikondeli and #laikoncreations.

Here are some ideas to get your imagination going:

  • Photograph your twist on a European dinner staple, too irresistible to improve, but heightened with the addition of one of our fine ingredients.
  • Perhaps it’s something small like mixed bite-sized bruschettas that let our pickled produce, dips and cured meats do the talking.
  • A cheese platter perfectly balanced with sharp cheeses, light fromage and muscatels.
  • Or, it could be just that one Laikon ingredient that brings your dish to life. A simple drizzle of a premium extra virgin olive oil, or the addition of one our pantry legumes, ready to add bite and flavour to your soups and casseroles.
  • Lastly, don’t forget the sweets! Made with our fresh nuts and seeds, dried figs and chocolate.

The sky’s the limit and we can’t wait to see what you dream up.

We are also giving away a free coffee throughout December to all those who create beautiful dishes using Laikon ingredients. Don’t forget to post a photo of your dish on Instagram and tag @laikondeli and #laikoncreations. We can't wait to see your posts!


Picnic hamper

Local Milk

A packed lunch makes for an extra special road trip. Creek-side or beach-side you’ll find a secluded nook perfect for setting up camp and unloading your picnic basket.

But why wait until the weekend for a reclined alfresco wine and dine? While the weather is warm, there’s no reason not to transform a mundane mid-week dinner into a sunny moment of epicurean solitude.

We’re on your side to take care of the picnic ingredients and meal creations. Drop in and let us create a picnic basket to match your occasion and price point, even better you can order ahead of time.

Until then, here’s some ideas to lift your picnic from pedestrian to parlour;


Pile on those blankets, no matter the weather. Cotton linens and felt pillows will help create the ultimate layered look to sit among, with cheese and cracker in hand, and don’t forget the cheese board!


Whether you string fairy lights above the decking in the backyard, or spool shady metres of fabric through tree branches, a secluded canopy will cocoon your picnic haven. This is an intimate getaway for an afterwork meal, or just a fun surprise for the kids.

Oh Happy Day

Individual picnic baskets are a neat way to show your picnic guests some TLC. Make individual packs with nametags for .

Picnic hamper

So start planning your next picnic with Laikon Deli, whether it’s for spring racing, a girls afternoon out, romantic escape or “just because” – we have your picnic event covered.


Local Milk:



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