The platters finale!

We've spent time talking about the main players of the perfect picnic platter but no platter is complete without… 


There are too many delicious morsels to choose from when it comes to the antipasto section of our fridges from olives to octopus to pickled vegetables and the dips… We do feel sorry for you, if you have been put in charge of making the decision and bringing these home to your antipasto board…You may be staring at the fridge for awhile…

Let’s begin with the olives…

Our Assorted Olives includes all that is on offer from the olive family, green and firm sicilian, the meaty oven roasted volos, the moorish sundried kalamata, the large and pitted green olive, and the salty and meaty kalamata olive. Have we missed any? Oh yes the customer favourite green olives marinated in lemon and dill, or would you prefer our green olives marinated with chili? 

Did you grab yourself a smoked cheese and not sure where to go from there? How about pairing it with our char grilled red peppers or marinated octopus.

When customers ask for something a little different to the old wafer crackers to eat with their cheeses we love to suggest the pickled greek bell peppers. These bite sized, green pickled spicy morsels give a wonderful kick quickly cooled down by a lovely bitey cheese. 

And then you get to decide on what dips…

A childhood favourite and affectionately named "The Pink Dip" by all the children that enter our store…Tarama is a crowd pleaser for all ages. Has your platter exploded in delicious meat to pick from, then Tzatziki is another crowd pleaser (but perhaps share some after dinner mints to help everyone out after the explosion of garlic). Taking a step to the right and you can find yourself away from the familiar and interested in the Spicy Capsicum made with cream cheese and finished off with a good kick of chili, lathered on some crusty baguette … perfection!

We’ll be fair and leave it there … 

While your busy noting down something new you would like to pair with some old favourites don’t forget to go on to our instagram @laikondeli and tell us what your favourite finds are from our antipasto cabinet.

How can you set up a picnic for just one or two?

At Laikon we have been focusing on creating the perfect picnic box for singles and couples. We cannot begin to think of a better way to set up at the outdoor sporting events, movies or casual catch ups without one of these (oh and a good bottle of wine – but we can’t help you there).


A Cheese Plate

When finishing breakfast our minds always turns to “what will we be having for dinner?” … and, although this can only be a fantasy, cheese does come into play as an option … (okay we have eaten cheese for dinner but don’t tell mum!) Cheese does play a big part in our day and we know we can help you out, so…. 

Let’s talk fromage

It’s always hard to choose the perfect cheeses when you're faced with an array of quality products from Australia and abroad. Time of day and the serving time of these cheeses (before, after or during a meal), will help you decide on how many and what types of cheeses you will purchase (keep in mind that you will need about 120g of cheese per person).

Keeping the masses happy….

Fromage d’Affoinis has to be the biggest crowd pleaser of all bries. Creamy, gooey and never offends this french beauty goes down well with a crusty baguette. Best served at the beginning of the night when the wine is young and fresh.

Grana Padano, although typically we think of grating this beautiful cheese over our pasta it’s fruity and young qualities lend beautifully as a table cheese. Serve already broken into nice bite size pieces so your guests don’t have to cut it and everyone will be happy. Enjoy right before eating the tangy and spicy morsel of a greek bell pepper.

Tarago Shadows of Blue may send a few shivers down some spines, we promise your guests will be quickly awakened to its glorious triple cream brie and just be delighted by the mild blue vein running through. 

Raise a few eyebrows and do some serious impressing…

Coulommiers – one we promote a lot on our instagram and to our customers and obviously one of our favourites of the bries. Because of its buttery, nutty flavour it is very enjoyable at the start of the meal with a french cider or served at the end of your meal, included on top of a piece of thinly sliced pear or apple. At the moment in store we sell Coulommiers with or without truffle layered in the middle.

Cantal is a cloth bound firm cheddar and with time its buttery and tangy taste grows. As this is a hard cheese we recommend cutting this into small pieces so your guests can pick up immediately along side a cornichion. 

Roquefort cheese is moist and breaks into little pieces easily. Beginning creamy, its blue vein provides a rich, sharp, tangy, salty flavour. If you find yourself with any leftover we recommend including it in salads or dressings.

Now we have got your minds securely planted on that grassy knoll on your red and white picnic blanket we shall leave you there to contemplate your next move….

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The Perfect Picnic

Summer brings us to a time where we can dust off our picnic rugs, find the mozzie repellent, pull out our favourite cheese boards and set up in our own backyards or our perfect park picnic spot.

Whether you're catering for 20 or 2 we have some suggestions that can take the stress out of getting picnic ready.

Over the next few blog posts we will look into what you can do to create the best picture perfect picnic hamper (and don’t forget to tag us #laikondeli when you do!!!).

Let’s begin at …


No matter the number of people, your best rule of thumb when working out how much you need is to just remember 2 slices of meat per person. How many different types of meat is up to you.

We love heat and you will find 4 types of spicy meat to light your fire in our deli fridge. Some filled with fennel and chilli, others with truffle and others aged long enough to really kick start those taste buds. Keep in mind that the spicier the meat the milder the cheese, so not to overwhelm those tastebuds. Buy this whole in small cacciatorie sizes or thinly sliced from the well endoued homemade salamis . 

Going milder you cannot go past the homemade mild Callabrasi or our team favourite the Saucisson. A mild spiced french sausage you buy whole and slice into thick pieces right at your picnic and matches perfectly with the french blues like the Roquefort. 

Or you can go Jon’s home school favourite thinly sliced Mortadella filled with either olives or pepper, matched with an aged cheddar or the greek kasseri cheese.

And of course you cannot forget or go past thinly sliced double smoked ham or better yet thick chunks of ham off the bone, again matched with one of the aged cheddars or dutch goats cheese you will be fighting your guests for more.

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Till our next post…..