Laikon’s Christmas Planning Tips!

Christmas is one of our favourite times of the year at Laikon. We have panettone’s piled high, and Christmas specialties such as hams and turkeys prepared and ready to go. We are always excited to fulfill Christmas foodie wishlists, and this year we’ve put together a post with some ideas to help make your day run smoothly.

  • Fennel and Parmegianno Reggiano make for a mouth-watering combination but a few strips of Tasmanian smoked salmon can take this appetiser up a notch. We have a selection of crisp bread and cracker that can be piled high with smoked salmon, finely chopped fennel, and a mixture of crème fraiche and lemon zest. Serve with a dash of cracked black pepper.
  • An antipasto platter or meze plate is always a crowd-pleaser. Amp up the flavours and textures when choosing the platter’s elements. We suggest a mix of different types of olives, such as Kalamata or green Sicilian, our own terrine and duck liver pâté, slices of San Daniele Prosciutto or Spanish Jamon wrapped around slices of melon, and mix it up with some classic cheeses such as buffalo mozzarella, Cravero Parmesan and Cantal French cheddar. Add a little crunch and a burst of flavour with pickles and capers too.
  • Roast turkey or glazed ham often is the Christmas feast hero. We have both available up until Christmas. For a special glaze for your ham, we love Maggie Bear’s pickled fig glaze. If turkey is on the cards this year, we recommend the following stuffing and preparation; two onion halves, lemon quarters, and a handful of thyme and bay leaves into the cavity of the turkey. Place it on a bed of herbs; coat it with a mixture of butter, salt, cracked pepper, and thyme; and with a splash of white wine over it to finish it off before you roast. Both hams and turkeys may be ordered right up until Christmas too!
  • For dessert, dish out a traditional panettone or impress your guests with a special rendition – Laikon’s deceivingly easy apricot panettone recipe.

We’re open until 1 pm on the 24th of December, Christmas eve, it’s never too late to pop into the deli to pick up last-minute unglazed hams, Italian panettone, and a selection of our best-selling cheeses and cured meats.