Ricotta and Apricot Panettone

Over the centuries, panettone has become a regular fixture on the dining tables of Italian families over the Christmas and New Year holidays. Derived from the term pan de ton (or “bread of luxury”), panettone is sweetened, buttery bread that has a cake-like texture. It is traditionally stuffed with raisins, candied citrus fruit, and lemon zest but modern iterations often substitute these ingredients for chocolate chips and vanilla fillings.

At Laikon, we stock some of the best Italian panettone brands. Operating since 1930, Flamigni is a family-owned pastry enterprise from Forlì that takes great pride in using the freshest ingredients and baking each item by hand. Gilber is a newer enterprise, setting up shop in 1965 in Turin and quickly gaining fame around the world for its Piemontese panettone with hazelnut and almond icing.

Drop by Laikon to pick up one of our panettones and give this delectable ricotta and apricot recipe a go.


1 900 gm panettone

600 gm fresh ricotta

50 gm bitter dark chocolate, coarsely chopped

50 gm candied orange, finely chopped

50 gm blanched almonds, roasted and coarsely chopped

1 tbsp icing sugar, plus extra for dusting

2 tbsp Cointreau

4 dried apricots, halved, cut into thin wedges


1. Finely cut the top of the panettone widthways and keep it aside; you do not require it for this recipe. Continue to cut the panettone widthways into four thick slices.

2. Knead ricotta through a sieve and into a bowl. Add chocolate, candied orange, almonds, icing sugar and a tablespoon of Cointreau and mix well.

3. Spread ricotta mixture over each layer of the panettone as well as the top. Combine apricots with a dollop of remaining Cointreau and place on top of the panettone. Serve finished cake in wedges.