Celebrating Our 40th Year

You could say we were a ‘little’ excited when the new year clocked over to 2016! This year we have been proud to celebrate 40 years and 3 generations working in and serving the local 3121 community with European and Australian produce.

Plans went into place early on to help us decide how to best to celebrate, (whilst acknowledging and thanking Jon’s parents for) 40 years in the business, with family, some loyal customers and our dedicated Laikon Team.

How best to do this? What would showcase Laikon and what we love? Well, you just can’t go past cheese (& wine). Simple. However, it could not be just any sit down, stuffed shirt dinner affair (as much as we love our bowties!!!). Luckily for us we knew the perfect person to assist us in pulling off an extravagant, delightful, entertaining and engaging night.

Enter Raph from A Cheese and Wine Affair. Raph devised a four course degustation, pairing four cheeses, located from four different regions of France, with impeccably matched wines from the same regions.

All that was left for us to decide upon was, what we were going to say, and where. 

We are all about shopping local, we talk local, we know locals, we are locals, so it seemed a little more than obvious that we should find a venue that was, local.

The perfect spot was over at Glasshaus Inside; a warehouse space, abundantly filled, floor to roof, with leafy green flora, lit by wonderfully bulbous incandescent lights, an utterly luscious backdrop to our event. 

On the night, with our speeches and acknowledgments presented, Raph standing with cow bell in hand, set us forth on a journey.

Beginning in Normandie, we compared the pungent taste of camembert and delighted as the flavour developed, richly, when the Apple Cider Brut was introduced. 

Moving down towards Loire Valley we were served a delightful and delicate Picandou – Chèvre. As the knife discovered the perfect ooze we savoured the wonderful match with it’s night partner the Sancerre, (our new favourite wine!). 

Across the lands we found ourselves tasting the the delights of Jura and Rhone Valley. A 15 month aged Comte (one we adore melting on our sandwiches in store) made a wonderful match with a GSM of the Cotes du Rhone. One we enjoyed immensely even for the french version of aussie sliced cheese (couldn’t imagine pairing wine with the Coon/Bega slice of our younger years). 

Lastly, the event closed with a cheese, I am sure, many were challenged to attempt, the Languedoc Roussillon Roquefort – Raph was patient and with the help of the Maury Granche Fortified Wine (also from Roussillon), assisted those tentative souls, with a little bit of ‘dutch’ courage.

In between cheese courses, we delighted in hearing tables meet, discover and discuss their favourite cheese pairings as well as discussing shared local interests and connecting with others from the area. Never has the hashtag #shoplocal been more relevant, shopping local connects and sustains communities as well as the businesses within them and we are nothing without these people.

Spending a delightful night with our loyal staff and customers reminded us what a special place Laikon Deli is and we could’t be more proud of the previous generations providing us with such a wonderful business to develop upon. We hope to see 40 more years in Richmond, which bring as much joy and beauty as our celebration embodied that night.