This is our 40th year serving the Richmond community. Three generations in and we couldn’t have achieved this without the support of our local community. Richmond has seen a wide variety of changes over these 40 years and with that it only makes us acknowledge how lucky we are to still have such loyal support from the families of 40 years ago and the new allegiance of Richmonites beginning their lives here. 

We began with Jon’s late grandfather (and namesake) John who opened his business as a butcher and deli. Serving the local greek and english speaking community who had settled into the Richmond area they themselves lived in. Family was key back then with family working hard to supply the locals with quality meat and deli produce. When John decided to move along Jon’s parents Michael and Kathy bought themselves into the business moving away from the butcher aspect and focusing more on the European produce. Their eldest children Peter and Lana helped out in the family business throughout their parents years at the shop whenever they could. In the early years, Jon could be found behind a child gate gaining attention from waiting customers insiting they pass him his dummy if it was just out of his reach. Finally today we continue keeping this business in the family, with Jon (getting out from behind the barriers of that gate and) taking the reins. We strive to find new and interesting ways to meet the growing and ever changing expectations and needs of our local community, while still focusing on supplying quality European and Australian produce. Who knows in the next 20 years you may find our nieces or daughters serving you behind the counter with their own original flare! 

Our family is forever grateful for the local communities continued support over the past 40 years and we look forward to building our relationship with our customers, the cornerstone of our family business.